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Area 15

In the middle of no man’s land, where the terrain is barren and unforgiving, lies a secret unconfirmed military compound called Area 15. Conspiracies and rumors surround this place, as some believe it houses extraterrestrial materials gathered from an alien spacecraft that crashed years earlier. But even more believe that alien autopsies were performed there. You have gathered some of those believers to help you uncover the truth of what is actually there. Equipped with a flashlight and a map given to you by another truth seeker, your group sets out on The Extraterrestrial Highway to no man’s land.

3-8 Players
Private Room

Fear Factor: 0/10

Difficulty*: 9.5/10

* These are our PERSONAL ratings based off the puzzles themselves. You may find them harder or not as difficult based on experience, but all of our rooms are meant to challenge you to reach the end one way or another. No room will be easy.

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