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Return to Coulrophobia 

A new neighbor moved into the abandoned house down the street. Rumor has it he works at the creepy carnival at the end of town. No one has met him yet, but people are saying there are strange sounds coming from deep inside the house. Maybe the sounds have something to do with all the pets that have gone missing ever since he moved in. It’s not a coincidence and you sense something bad is happening. Unfortunately, your pet is now one of those missing and you’re fearing the worst. You’re not quite sure what you’ll find, but you and your friends decide to go investigate while he is at work.

2-8 Players
Private Room

Fear Factor:7+/10

Difficulty: 8.5*/10

* These are our PERSONAL ratings based off the puzzles themselves. You may find them harder or not as difficult based on experience, but all of our rooms are meant to challenge you to reach the end one way or another. No room will be easy.

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